Person injured as Lime e-scooter and car crash in Auckland

A person has been taken to hospital after a crash involving a car and a Lime e-scooter in central Auckland tonight.

Police say they received reports of the crash at the intersection of Park Road and Grafton Bridge in Grafton.

St John Ambulance said they attended the incident at 8.27pm.

One person was transported to Auckland Hospital in a moderate condition, a spokesperson said.

A witness said the accident scene was on the hospital side of the Grafton Bridge.

There has been scrutiny of Lime scooters after they arrived on New Zealand streets due to safety concerns, and a brake fault which led to them being pulled from streets in Auckland and Dunedin in February. That fault was fixed and there is no indication any of these factors played a part in the collision on Tuesday night.

The scene of the crash involving a car and a Lime e-scooter in Grafton, Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS