People leaving Auckland's managed isolation facilities struggling to get flights home

Nearly 4000 people will leave managed isolation between now and August 26.

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Many domestic flights have been cancelled with restrictions back in place. Source: 1 NEWS

Many of those isolating in Auckland don’t live there but getting flights back home is proving difficult.

Jetstar has cancelled all domestic flights across New Zealand while Covid-19 restrictions are in place and Air New Zealand is operating a reduced schedule from Tuesday, August 18.

Madison Munro was due to finish her two weeks in an Auckland managed isolation facility on Saturday, August 22, but her original flight back home to Christchurch that same day was cancelled.

She is now travelling to Christchurch the following day, which means remaining in isolation for an extra day.

She said her travel problems aren’t unique.

“A lot of the posts on the New Zealand Quarantine [Facebook] page have been in the same boat.”

Air New Zealand chief executive Greg Foran said it’s up to those needing to travel to work around the reduced flight schedule.

“We do have flights going from Auckland... it’s just a matter of organising yourself around that particular schedule,” he said.

Ms Munro said communication from officials has been patchy around how long people can remain at the hotels if they are unable to get a same day flight.

“I just would enjoy a bit more clarification of everything that’s going on,” she said.

A managed isolation and quarantine spokesperson told 1 NEWS all returnees are supported if they face domestic travel restrictions.