Pebbles Hooper slams skinny mannequin critics in four-letter rant

The daughter of WORLD fashion boss, Pebbles Hooper, has waded in on the use of Glassons' skinny mannequins, in a foul-mouthed Twitter rant slamming critics.

Skinny mannequin in Glassons' window Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Hooper described critics of Glassons' skinny-ribbed mannequins as "whiney".

Yesterday she tweeted that "people who supposedly get influenced by mannequins at Glassons need to get a f**ing grip".

It follows comments by her fashion designer mother, Denise L'Estrange-Corbet, who claimed models have always been skinny in the fashion world and they always would be.

Ms L'Estrange-Corbet made it clear she supported Glassons' creation of the ribbed mannequins.

However hundreds of ONE News Facebook followers suggested the mannequins are sending out a negative message.

Tanya Ward-Robinson said: "If images of thin air-brushed celebrities' and models can negatively influence women's and girl's self-image, then a skinny mannequin can."

Marley Biggins commented: "We are all different, should have a mix of shapes & sizes!", while Candace Slaughter McCabe said "It's a mannequin. It doesn't need ribs".

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