'Peace about living here' - New Zealand's retirement hotspot blows the competition out of the water

According to statistics released this week there is a retirement hotspot in New Zealand that has seen the over 65 crowd flocking to it in their droves.

With 50 per cent of its residents over the retirement age, the township of Waikanae (60kms north of Wellington) has emerged as the favourite hotspot for retiring Kiwis to kick back.

"I had a campervan and criss-crossed the North Island all the way down. I went to dozens of retirement homes reached this place and there was this peace about living here," Waikanae convert Stuart said.

The rest of the top five places with high percentages of residents over 65 were as follows:

5: Mangawhai Heads 39 per cent.
4: Red Beach East 39.9 per cent.
3: Trentham South 40 per cent.
2: Ashburton 40.2 per cent.

Leaving Waikanae a long way out in front with 50 per cent of its population over 65, residents praising its beaches, sunshine and flat land. 

People are flocking from around the country to live in this beachside town near Wellington. Source: Seven Sharp