Paula Bennett quizzes Government over stance on entrenching Māori seats

National deputy Paula Bennett quizzed Acting Prime Minister Kelvin Davis about how the Government would vote on entrenching Māori seats. 

"Will all three Government parties be voting in favour of the Electoral (Entrenchment of Māori Seats) Amendment Bill?" Ms Bennett asked in Question Time.  

If the Bill passes it would mean it would be harder to abolish the seats, needing at least 75 per cent of Parliament or a referendum to scrap. 

"These are decisions that haven't yet gone to Cabinet. We do have different perspectives," Mr Davis said.

The Bill is in Labour MP Rino Tirikatene's name and the Green Party also support entrenching the seats. 

However, NZ First leader Winston Peters reiterated his intent to push for a referendum on the future of the Māori seats in Parliament, and told SKY News Australia last month New Zealand did not need separate Māori seats.

"The principle reason why I'm for a single franchise is that Māori don't need the molly coddling of this paternalistic attitude which, unfortunately, Māori have now adopted," Mr Peters said.

Mr Davis said voting in favour of the bill was for each of the parties to decide.