Paula Bennett comes to Todd Barclay's defence, saying he's 'working in his electorate' despite no public appearances




Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett has defended Todd Barclay's lack of public appearances while still taking home a parliamentary salary of $3000 per week. 

Mr Barclay, National's Clutha-Southland MP, has been accused of not working while still being paid.
Source: Breakfast

Mr Barclay, the Clutha-Southland MP has not been in parliament, was not present at the National Party conference and has not been at any public events since he announced he won't stand in the September election.

Mr Barclay's announcement came after accusations surfaced last month that he allegedly made secret recordings of one of his electoral staff.

However on TVNZ1's Breakfast this today Ms Bennett said Mr Barclay is actually working. 

"He is working in his electorate, he's just not showing up to the media and at those public ones."

"Constituents need a lot of work done and he's doing that."

Ms Bennett said Mr Barclay was "easy to get in touch with" and was "pretty sure" he would turn up to parliament after a week of recess. 

"He certainly has been doing his job."

Mr Barclay has posted five times on his MP public Facebook page since announcing his plan to not stand at the 2017 election. 

Mr Barclay is staying on as an MP until September's election.

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