Paula Bennett brings bag of fake weed to Parliament to make point on cannabis referendum

National's Deputy Leader Paula Bennett brought a bag of fake weed to Parliament today to make a point about the upcoming cannabis referendum.

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Ms Bennett held up a 14 gram bag of oregano to show how much cannabis people would be able to buy if it’s legalised. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Bennett held up a 14-gram bag of what 1 NEWS understands was oregano during question time this afternoon, to illustrate how much cannabis people would be able to buy daily if it’s legalised.

"Does she think it promotes the well-being of New Zealanders when under her Government's legislation people will be able to purchase up to 14 grams a day of weed?" Ms Bennett asked Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Ms Ardern pointed out the amount is half that which is allowed to be purchased by people in other countries that have legalised cannabis in recent times.

"The member well knows in drafting a Bill that all of New Zealand can determine whether they agree with that we would have looked at international frameworks that already exist," Ms Ardern said.

"I would say to the member that in Washington it is twice that (14 grams) in Canada, it's more than twice that and in Colorado it's twice that."

New Zealanders more likely to vote against legalising cannabis in next year's referendum - 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll

After the exchange, Speaker Trevor Mallard then rose to call for order and ask that Ms Bennett and Finance Minister Grant Robertson "chill out" with their interjections.

His comment drew laughs from the House due to the cannabis referendum being debated at the time.

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Details from the bill include a legal age of purchase set at 20, only licensed premises will be allowed to sell cannabis and online sales and advertising will be banned. Source: 1 NEWS

The public has a chance to vote on whether cannabis should be legalised in a referendum alongside the 2020 general election.