Paula Bennett and Winston Peters exchange jibes over cannabis

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and National deputy Paula Bennett today exchanged friendly jibes in the house over proposed cannabis regulations. 

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Winston Peters called Paula Bennett a “world-class expert”. Source: 1 NEWS

Yesterday, Ms Bennett brought a bag of oregano to Parliament today to demonstrate the proposed 14 gram daily limit of cannabis that a person could purchase. 

Today, she asked the Prime Minister why 14g was chosen as a limit. 

Answering for Jacinda Ardern, Mr Peters stood up, holding a print out of two photos of Ms Bennett and said he "had an example of the kind of amounts that are in other countries". 

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Ms Bennett held up a 14 gram bag of oregano to show how much cannabis people would be able to buy if it’s legalised. Source: 1 NEWS

One of the photos was Ms Bennett in October while she was in Canada, holding up a bag of cannabis worth $10,000. The other was Ms Bennett yesterday holding up oregano. 

"In this case it's very hard to tell the difference between the dope and the weed," Mr Peters said. 

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We ask the MPs’ for their views on the biggest current news stories. Source: 1 NEWS

"But, Ms Bennett is a world-class expert on that and I do defer to her experience and knowledge."

Ms Bennett shot back, saying if "the Minister would like a picture of me for his wall, he can just let me know".