Paula Bennett and Chris Hipkins say they were reluctant to put euthanasia bill to referendum

National Party MP Paula Bennett and Labour's Chris Hipkins were united today in their unease at putting the End of Life Choice Bill to a public referendum.

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The Deputy Opposition Leader and Education Minister Chris Hipkins discussed last night’s vote in Parliament as they faced off today on Breakfast. Source: Breakfast

The public will decide whether euthanasia will be legalised after MPs last night voted in favour of a referendum at the 2020 election - provided the bill passes its final hurdle in Parliament. The vote was 63 for and 57 against.

Speaking this morning to TVNZ1's Breakfast programme, Ms Bennett said while she does support the bill, "it was a reluctant vote for the referendum, I have to say".

"Sometimes as politicians and MPs you're put in there to make some tough decisions," she said.

Mr Hipkins agreed, saying, "I'm not wild about the idea of it going to a referendum but pragmatically, to ensure the bill actually passes, I voted in favour.

"I do believe what we're doing now isn't right - it's inhumane - and I do think it's time to change the law in this area."

The pair also discussed their views on the other referendum on the table - whether or not to legalise cannabis for personal use.

Mr Hipkins said there would definitely be "passionate arguments on both sides".

Ms Bennett said she worried about whether having three important things to vote on would be "too cluttered" for some voters.

Watch the full interview above.