Patched Mongrel Mob member attacks man in front of his 10-year-old son after minor crash in Hamilton




Police are investigating an alleged attack on a Waikato man by a patched Mongrel Mob member after a minor traffic incident in Hamilton this morning.

Police have told Fairfax Media that the man was dragged from the car and punched several times by a patched Mongrel Mob member on State Highway One in Horotiu, near Hamilton.

Fairfax has quoted the victim's wife as saying her husband was spat at and then dragged from the car before being punched in the face up to 10 times.

"It was done in front of my son, he's 10 - he was dragged from the car while my son was yelling for him to stop," the woman said.

Source: 1 NEWS

The incident followed a minor collision about 9am today.

The victim said the mob member stopped his car suddenly in front of him after clipping his car during a failed overtaking manoeuvre.

"He got out and walked up to the window and said what are you doing and spat at me through the window," the man said.

"I objected to that immensely."

A punch then came through the half-open window and the man was pulled from the car.

He received grazes on his side, cuts to his head and bruising to his face.

Police confirmed they have received a complaint of assault.

The other vehicle took off after the alleged assault and police believe the driver was the alleged perpetrator, but said they were still making inquiries.

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