Passionate organiser of multi-million dollar Awaroa Inlet purchase is at it again

He's already co-ordinated the historic crowd-funding effort that saw the New Zealand public buy a beach, but now Duane Major is back at it campaigning for something closer to home.

Duane Major's campaign was actually inspired by the beach front. Source: Seven Sharp

To the average Kiwi, it would just look like a pit of puddles but to Mr Major and the Christchurch suburb of Spreydon, the West Spreydon School Pool is an iconic symbol of their community.

"It's more than a pool there's no doubt about it," Mr Major said.

"the whole community came together to build it and there's been 80 years of family and community members able to enjoy it."

The pool first opened in 1931 but by 2008 the funds to keep it going had dried up - and then so did the pool.

So a group of parents - including Mr Major - set about saving it through donations and hard work and just like it was in 1931, the pool was opened thanks to the efforts of the community.

They celebrated reopening the pool on the 17th of February 2011, just five days before the tragic events of the Christchurch Earthquakes forced its closure again after it sustained heavy damage.

"It was pretty gutting," Mr Major said. "We had so many other things to deal with at the time but it was sort of like this deep ache."

But the community wouldn't be beat, so they gathered together again - parents, ex-students and other locals - to rebuild the iconic spot with goal of reopening this year on November 17.

Mr Major says if it hadn't been for the passion and determination the community has shown over the years for the pool, he may not have been able to save Awaroa Beach from private buyers last year with his crowd-funding campaign.

"It definitely has been the inspiration for the belief that people can do great things when they come together and New Zealanders seem to do that particularly well."

The community has raised $700,000 so far with $200,000 to go and while they aren't asking for donations from the public this time, they are keen to speak with a local company who could provide concrete to their mission.