Parts of Auckland Airport international terminal evacuated amid fire in air vent

Passengers at Auckland Airport's international terminal were evacuated for two hours tonight when a fire broke out in an air vent in the building.

Crowds can be seen inside the Auckland Airport terminal. Source: Twitter / Hutana Crawford

Passengers in the check in, international departures, arrivals and baggage hall were all evacuated, an Auckland Airport spokesperson told 1 NEWS.

The fire, which started just after 6pm, was extinguished by the sprinkler system.

People can be seen crammed along the footpaths outside the terminal. Source: Snapchat

The airport asked passengers to be patient while emergency services assessed the area as to when passengers may return.

Hundreds of people crammed along the footpaths outside the terminal.

Two hours after the alarm, Auckland Airport said staff had re-entered the check-in area and passengers would be asked to enter the building soon.

Many people have been commenting on Twitter, saying they’ve been provided with no information about what’s going on and why they’ve been evacuated.

“Old people being forced to stand due to this evacuation. People with babies forced to stand. No information has been given to us. How hard would it be to give the people here the courtesy of knowing what is going on....” one person tweeted.