Parris Goebel and her sisters aiming to give young South Auckland women a hand


New Zealand dance star Parris Goebel is reaching out to younger Maori and Pacific women to give them a hand up through the difficult teenage years.

Goebel and her sisters have an inspirational message for teenage Maori and Pacific women.
Source: 1 NEWS

The choreographer is working with her siblings on a year-long mentorship and confidence project involving young women from South Auckland.

"In life, once you're confident, you just think bigger and you aim higher as well," Parris says.

The group has secured $100,000 from the Vodafone Foundation and set up the Sisters United Foundation.

About 40 girls from three Auckland colleges will take part - some of them were bullied - others were the bullies themselves.

Goebel has teamed up with her sisters to launch a year-long mentoring programme for the young women.
Source: 1 NEWS

The group will meet every two weeks for workshops.

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