Parents should 'be actively supervising kids on trampolines, not manning the BBQ' - health expert




Parents should be constantly watching children if they're on a trampoline according to a health expert who sees too many trampoline related injuries in kids.

Speaking on TVNZ1's Breakfast today, Dr Newman from the Paediatric Society of New Zealand says: "About six children a week on average admitted to hospital, that doesn't count all the kids who sustain sprains, bruises and other minor injuries" who will come to accident and emergency but maybe not get admitted. 

Dr David Newman says there should be guidelines for parents to ensure safe play on trampolines.
Source: Breakfast

Dr Newman says bouncing in the backyard can present problems as "backyard trampolines tend to be less well maintained and not necessarily supervised and more likely to have multiple kids on them at the same time and that's where the highest risk of injury is." 

He also says that when more people are on the trampoline at the same time, it makes injuries more likely to happen from "big kids crashing into little kids and adults landing on small kids".

Dr Newman says although "most of us get away with it most of the time" it's a number's game.

He recommends only one child on the trampoline at a time and constant adult supervision saying," a neck injury may be forever."

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