Parents question what to do with kids as last-minute talks fail to halt teachers' strike

Last minute talks between primary teachers and the Ministry of Education haven't stopped strike action from going ahead on Wednesday.

Now, parents must work out what to do with their children on Wednesday. Source: 1 NEWS

The question for working parents is what to do with their children?

While it's an issue for parents it could also be an issue for their employers.

Business New Zealand said the advice is to be flexible.

"Staff need to tell their boss what's happening. Whether they're going to take annual leave, if they're going to take leave without pay, if the kids are going to come into the office, or if there's some other solution," Kirk Hope told 1 NEWS.

"Businesses are struggling to get really, really good people so they want to look after them, so they want to make sure in a situation like this that they want to be flexible."

Whether a school stays open is up to the individual board of trustees.

Teachers say while pay is a big reason for strike action, it's also about resources and sustainable staff numbers.

An Auckland teacher has recently published a video discussing that issue.

The teacher in the YouTube video said more resources are needed, particularly for our growing number of multicultural students.

"We need to have an education system that meets the need of every single child in this country and that’s what I say it’s about knowing the children, knowing their needs and having the resourcing to actually address those needs," Lynda Stuart NZEI President told 1 NEWS.

Needs that the teachers' union, and teachers, hope will be addressed by strike action.