Parents plea for burglars to return stillborn son's ashes stolen from Christchurch home


A Christchurch mother is pleading for the return of her stillborn son's ashes, after they were stolen when her Linwood home was burgled.

Family appeals for return of stillborn son's ashes

Family appeals for return of stillborn son's ashes

Source: Facebook: Raewyn Wahnig

Raewyn Wahnig returned to her Buckleys Road home on Thursday night to discover the ashes of her stillborn son Thomas had been stolen.

"Right now I feel as though I've lost him a second time," she told 1 NEWS.

"I'm not impressed. Not in the slightest."

The brazen thieves broke into her bedroom, also taking $20,000 worth of jewellery.

But Raewyn and her husband Edgar believe those who took the ashes may've mistaken them for drugs.

Raewyn Wahnig says she feels she’s lost her son a second time.
Source: 1 NEWS

"I don't think they knew what was in the box. If they knew it was ashes they wouldn't have taken him," says Mrs Wahnig.

The couple are hoping their Facebook link, which has been shared more than 4000 times, along with a makeshift sign on their truck outside their house will encourage those responsible to bring their boy back.

Police are processing fingerprints from the house and are hoping local pawn shops may be able to help in their investigation .

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