Parents of man shot dead by police forgive them - but want body cameras on armed cops

The parents of a Hamilton man who was fatally shot by Police say they understand why police did what they did - but want body-mounted cameras on all armed police officers.

Nicholas Marshall's parents say they understand how his death occurred but want compulsory cameras. Source: Seven Sharp

Nelson and Marg Marshall are still trying to put all the pieces together after their son Nicholas pulled a shotgun out during a police raid almost a year ago.

He cocked the weapon and was shot by police eight times, five of which made contact.

Police were searching his Hamilton workshop for drugs and weapons.

Mrs Marshall says despite the pain she felt, she forgives the police officer who shot him.

"The guy that shot Nic ... I forgive him," she said.

"He did what he thought needed doing at the time."

They say the police tactic of a heavily armed raid in the dark was not the best idea, and said if they had turned up during the day when the workshop was wide open it might have been a different story.

They said he probably thought he was under attack by gang members.

"If they had gone in differently I think Nic would still be alive," Mr Marshall says.

"They didn't need to put him in a position where he thought he needed a gun to defend himself ... they smashed the door down, scared the s*** out of him and he went out the back of the shop to get a shotgun."

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found that Police acted lawfully in their entry and shooting of Nick Marshall, but his parents say body-mounted cameras would remove doubt in cases like this.

"Police with guns need to have cameras, if you are armed you should have a camera," Mrs Marshall says.

Mr Marshall agrees - "cameras modify the behaviour of both parties in any conflict".