Parents back daycare teacher accused of assaulting pre-schoolers, one tells court claims are 'repugnant'

Five parents who sent their children to Bright Minds daycare in Auckland have vouched for a teacher who is on trial for assaulting nine pre-schoolers.

Source: 1 NEWS

Lynn Abraham is accused of smacking and force-feeding children.

It's also alleged the 59-year-old put sellotape on one child’s mouth and washed another child's mouth out with soap.

Today, five parents appeared as defence witnesses and spoke warmly of Abraham’s behaviour towards children.

The mother and father of a boy who was allegedly smacked by Abraham on the bottom and hand told jurors that they were happy with the care provided by Abraham.

Their relationship with Abraham was so close that they invited her to birthday parties.

"My son still asks to this day if he can go back and visit the staff and kids," the mother said.

One father said Abraham was listed as his son’s guardian in his will, and found allegations she had been violent towards children "repugnant".

Another mother said she had never seen anything untoward at the centre in nine years of going there.

Abraham has admitted "possibly" smacking the hands of some children but maintains she never smacked any other body part.

She denies washing a child's mouth out with soap or putting sellotape across another child's mouth.

Lynn Abraham is on trial in the Auckland District Court, facing 11 charges. Source: 1 NEWS

The trial, in the Auckland District Court, continues.