Paramedics prepared for coronavirus outbreak responses amid lockdown

New Zealand has a head start in managing the coronavirus and according to St John, our paramedics are well prepared for responding to the pandemic. 

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Ambulance staff adjusting operation to make sure patients and staff are kept safe. Source: Seven Sharp

They say they’re changing things up a little in order to keep their patients and their crew safer.

So you can rest assured their red flashing lights will continue to turn as usual during these extremely unusual times. 

The personal protective gear ambulance staff will be wearing has more cover for when responding to suspected cases of Covid-19.  

On the occasion the “white onesie” as seen overseas comes out, it’s often just another version paramedics can use if they don’t have access to their usual version. 

Paramedics will be able to safely leave their bubble to help keep everyone else fit and healthy. 

Watch the full story in the video above for more.