Papamoa's 'Caravan Doctor' breathes new life into tired old caravans

In Papamoa, near Tauranga, there's a certain "Caravan Doctor" who can help you prepare for the ultimate Kiwi road trip.

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Murray Holdaway says the pandemic has seen a marked increase in inquiries. Source: Seven Sharp

Our international wings have well and truly been clips, with the call now out for people to spend time and money exploring our own backyard.

Murray Holdaway the Caravan Doctor works hard to breathe new life into tired caravans, along with "theatre assistant" Emma Brown and "triage nurse" Leanne Brown.

Their aim is to share their lifelong passion for hitting the road with some good old Kiwi-made gear in tow.

"They are like us, they've got wrinkles and bumps and lumps and scars," Mr Holdaway says of a beat-up 1982 Alpha.

Having clearly lost the lustre of the prized holiday haven it once was, the team gave it a full makeover.

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However it's not all fun and games. Mr Holdaway admits it can be a little bit sad at times.

"[It's] taking away someone's family memories," he told Seven Sharp.

"But it also makes me happy we are going to create a caravan for someone else to have more memories in."

The possibilities are endless, both beautifully nostalgic and staying true to yesteryear, and adding a nod to the present.

"What we try and do is have the exterior of the caravan looking original and the insides we go a bit more modern," Mr Holdaway says.

Mr Holdaway says the Covid-19 crisis has seen a marked increase in inquiries from caravan owners looking to reacquaint themselves with their holidays of old.