Pakistan cricket team's MIQ compliance 'significantly improved' since warning from health officials

The Pakistan cricket team's compliance with managed isolation rules has 'significantly improved' since receiving a warning, according to the Ministry of Health.

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The team and officials have been issued a warning after breaching managed isolation rules. Source: 1 NEWS

Six members of the touring side have tested positive for Covid-19, while the whole squad is on a "final warning" after members breached protocols on their first day of managed isolation.

In a WhatsApp voice note sent to Pakistan players yesterday, Wasim Khan, chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board, said he was given a “final warning” by both New Zealand Cricket and the Government.

“They have told me straightaway that one more breach and they will send the whole team back,” Khan said in the two-minute message, recorded in the Urdu language, adding “it will be embarrassing" if this happens.

The Ministry of Health says, "a number of the incidents reported yesterday that constituted breach of the rules of managed isolation, included players leaving rooms without masks, mingling and chatting in hallways, and passing items."

Since receiving this warning, the team's compliance has "significantly improved", the ministry announced today.

"We thank members of the team for their cooperation with the case investigations following the announcement of positive cases within the team. Cooperation and compliance are critical in ensuring New Zealand is kept safe from Covid-19."

Earlier, Pakistan fast bowling legend Shoaib Akhtar lashed out at the treatment of his team in New Zealand.

“New Zealand’s comment that if Pakistan’s team’s SOP (standard operating procedures) is not in place then we will cancel the tour is below the belt,” Akhtar said.

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Six current Pakistan players have tested positive for Covid-19 at a Christchurch isolation facility, and the entire team is on notice for violating rules. Source: 1 NEWS

“I want to give a message to New Zealand board (NZC) that this is not a club team, it’s Pakistan national cricket team.

‘We don’t need you. Our cricket has not finished.

“You will get the broadcasting rights money. So, you should be indebted to us that we decided to tour your country in such difficult times.

”You are talking about Pakistan - the greatest country on the planet - so behave yourself and stop giving such statement. Be careful next time. Pakistan team now needs to smash them in T20 series.”

He also hit out at the PCB for sending the team on a commercial flight.

"Does the PCB's brain not work and realise you could have organised a chartered flight?"