Pair of plumbers on a mission to inspire Kiwi kids to take up trade careers

In the midst of a nationwide shortage, Jesse James and Logan Dodds are touring the country in hope to inspire kids to get into trades.

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Jesse James and Logan Dodds have 12 years’ experience between them. Source: 1 NEWS

The two plumbers have 12 years' experience between them but didn't have the best success at school.

They were both asked to leave aged just 16 and after leaving both completed plumbing apprenticeships and never looked back.

Now, Mr James said they're inspiring others to do the same.

"We want to change everyone's perceptions of trades. We want plumbers, electricians, builders ⁠— all trades to be looked at like a medical degree," he said.

"Plumbers, electricians and builders are making just as much as doctors and lawyers, but they're not being taught that at schools that's why we're going and telling these kids about trades."

Their main aim is to inspire the next generation, but they also want to educate them on the current trade crisis in New Zealand.

Mr Dodds said 2,000 more plumbers alone are needed to keep up with the economic growth, and it all comes back to established tradies taking on apprentices.

"That's the other big issue — trying to get these older guys who own these businesses to actually take on apprentices. They were all given a chance when they were young fellas, and we want them to give back."

They're also keen to remind people it's for everyone.

"We're seeing so many females entering the trade. It is the coolest thing we are so proud," Mr Dodds said.

"The girls are absolutely loving it. We really want to push for these females to get in to the trade."

And the good news is, the tour will keep going for a while longer.

Plumbing World has come on as a sponsor for the next two years, giving this pair the chance to inspire more Kiwi kids to take up trades.