Oxfam still waiting to hear from Fiji's Lau islands as Gita moves west




Oxfam says it is waiting for radio contact from Fiji's Ono-i-Vau and Vatoa islands after Cyclone Gita knocked out communications yesterday in order to determine what assistance is needed, if any.

Jane Foster said Oxfam is still waiting for contact to be re-established with two of Fiji's southern Lau islands, after the edge of Gita brushed them yesterday.
Source: Breakfast

Gita largely missed Fiji, tracking to the west instead, but some assistance may still be required, Oxfam's Jane Foster said.

"At this stage we're waiting for feedback from the local government authorities who had issued the evacuation orders," Ms Foster told TVNZ1's Breakfast.

"The population of those southern islands would have taken shelter."

Joanna Bourke boarded up her house and endured the storm by herself.
Source: Seven Sharp

Ms Foster said lessons had been learned in the islands from the destructive Cyclone Winston in 2016, which killed dozens of people, and more people had heeded official warnings this time around

"Many thousands of people actually used the evacuation centres," she said.

Meanwhile, people in Tonga are assessing damage and beginning to clean up after Gita hit there overnight Monday.

Many residents in the Pacific nation documented the extreme weather event.
Source: 1 NEWS

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