Owners of fence smashed in numerous crashes at notorious intersection finally get action

A Waikato couple who've had five vehicles crash through their front fence this year alone at last seem to have got some action by officials, but only after Seven Sharp took up the case.

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The New Zealand Transport Agency are finally taking action to remedy the situation. Source: Seven Sharp

Irwin and Yvonne Hawkes live on what's become an accident hotspot on the the main route from Hamilton to Tauranga.

Their home is just across from the intersection of State Highway 1 and SH29.

Mr Hawkes said drivers turn the corner, realise they're out of control and plough into the fence.

It's been smashed into "15 to 20 times, excluding this year, over the last 19 years" and five times since January this year, he said.

Mrs Hawkes said the New Zealand Transport Agency didn't acknowledge any of the letters she sent them about the problem, apart form the first one.

"I phoned and I left a message. I sent an email and photographs. We're not important enough to get a response or a reply," she said.

However, when Seven Sharp got in touch with NZTA, the agency called Mrs Hawkes.

"Until they heard that you were getting involved I haven't had a response," she told the programme.

NZTA says electronic speed zone signage is being installed next week. And the agency says it will look to secure funding for "further safety improvements".

However, Mr Hawkes is sceptical about whether speed signs will make a difference.

"I hope they will. But I don't think they'll help our problem because coming through the fence, speed isn't involved," he said.

Meanwhile, with only half of the people who crash into the fence hanging around to own up, it's a costly problem for the Hawkes'.

Luckily Mr Hawkes has know-how when it comes to fences, revealing he's a local fencing contractor.