Owner humbled as hundreds of strangers scour Auckland forest for lost dog Koda

Koda the German Shepherd disappeared in Auckland’s Riverhead Forest 12 days ago on Anzac Day.

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Koda disappeared into Auckland’s Riverhead Forest. Source: Seven Sharp

Since then hundreds of strangers have covered dozens of kilometres all in a bid to bring a man's best friend home.

The two-year-old dog went missing after chasing after a car she thought was her owner leaving a family get together.

It turns out Blake Richardson was still at the party and it was his brother who left early.

Large and sprawling, Riverhead Forest is an easy place to get lost.

“We’ve heard lots of barking in the forest, but had no sighting of Koda since last Sunday,” Richardson says.

“The barking gives me hope that it’s him that is in there.”

Koda’s owner has been touched by all the strangers looking for Koda in their free-time.

“Everyone has been great helping out to get him back, they don’t even know me or Koda.”

Richardson has been using KFC as bait to try and lure Koda out, “he loves a bit of KFC”.

The concerned dog-loving local community hopes the pair are reunited soon.