'Overwhelming and moving' - Nikki Kaye thanks 'thousands' who have sent messages of support after breast cancer diagnosis

An outpouring of love and well-wishes over the past 24 hours has struck a delicate chord with Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye.

Just this afternoon, Ms Kaye took to Facebook to thank the thousands of supporters who sent her messages after news surfaced this week she has breast cancer.

Nikki Kaye said Christchurch was more used to earthquakes than most, and more aftershocks and quakes are not being ruled out. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Kaye was diagnosed on Friday and will undergo treatment soon.

"Thank you so much to the thousands of people that have sent me beautiful messages of support over the last 24 hours," Ms Kaye wrote on Facebook today.

"It has been really overwhelming and very moving.

"I feel so grateful and loved that so many people have been so kind to send me a message.

"I want to particularly thank all of the people who have shared their personal story of fighting cancer, or caring for loved ones with cancer or people who are currently dealing with it.

The Prime Minister told the media it's likely Ms Kaye will spend months off work to undergo treatment. Source: 1 NEWS

"Thank you for your courage and kindness... I am trying to rest up so I don't expect to be able to respond at the moment but I aim to in the future. Thanks heaps."

Hundreds of well-wishers have reached out to a devastated Nikki Kaye on social media after it was revealed today she had cancer.

Almost 700 Facebook users left heartfelt messages of support for the Central Auckland MP on her public MP page, with small messages like: "get well soon" and "all the best with your treatment".

Ruth Sullivan wrote on Nikki Kaye's Facebook page: "Very sad news young lady but you are very fortunate to be in one of the best countries in the world to get life saving treatment".