Oversized Taser used to rescue fish stuck in dried-up Australian waterways

Australian wildlife experts have been rescuing thousands of fish stuck in dried-up waterways using a large, Taser-like device.

After being stunned by the electricity rushing between two large prongs lowered into the waterway, the fish can be safely netted.

Staff from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI) have been scooping up native fish and moving them to safer waters.

The measures are being carried out as Australian Minister of Agriculture Adam Marshall warns of a "fish armageddon".

"We will see a fish armageddon across all of our river systems this summer," he said.

"We've got even less water in our river system than last January."

Jonathan Doyle of the DPI said electro fishing is a good, safe way to allow their staff to move the fish.

"It's calm on the fish, it's a very good technique to get fish out of drying up pools like we see here on the Murray Darling at the moment," he said.