Over 65,000 people to receive NCEA qualifications today after outstanding fees wiped

Thousands of current and former school students who did not receive their qualifications because of unpaid NCEA fees will be awarded NCEA credits and qualifications today. 

Labour Party's Chris Hipkins with Jacinda Ardern, left, and Michael Wood, right. Source: Luke Appleby/1 NEWS NOW

The Government wiped outstanding previous NCEA fees dating back to 2002 in Budget 2019. 

Education Minister Chris Hipkins said almost 150,000 people would be receiving credits, with 60,500 of those being formally awarded at least one qualification. 

"These students have worked hard to earn these credits or qualifications, and it’s not right that they don’t get to use it because their families struggle to pay the fees," he said. 

"We want to make things a bit easier for families to make ends meet and ensure every student who achieves NCEA can receive their qualification."

Mr Hipkins said he had received feedback from parents relieved that their child would not be held back "because they were unable to make the payments". 

"Current and former students with unpaid fees will now have their credits or qualifications added to their official NZ Record of Achievement, backdated to the time the credits or qualifications were earned.

"It also means that employers will now be able to verify that their employee or potential employee has earned their NCEA qualification."