Over 100 St John staff in self-isolation due to coronavirus concerns

Over 100 St John staff are having to self-isolate due to Covid-19.

St John ambulance. Source: Supplied

St John told 1 NEWS over 100 of staff are in isolation at home during the lockdown as they are deemed "at risk" of contracting Covid-19.

Around 30 are self-isolating due to overseas travel while around 20 are self-isolating after coming into contact with positive Covid-19 cases.

With St John an essential service during the current national lockdown, contact with Covid-19 positive patients is more likely for their frontline staff and St John says they're taking precautionary measures with their staff.

Despite the number of staff now out of action, St John assures New Zealanders that they are still there to provide help when needed.

"The whole organisation is pulling together well," St John's Ambulance Director of Operations Dan Ohs says.

"We continue to step forward and be there for New Zealanders who need us.

"Everybody from frontline paramedics and 111 call handlers and dispatchers to volunteers and support staff plays a crucial role in protecting and saving the lives of New Zealanders.

"We are well positioned to respond to the outbreak of Covid-19. In times of crisis, our people are at their best and this is another reminder of that."

St John have more than 19,000 total members across New Zealand - both paid and unpaid - as per 2018/19 figures.