Outraged bodybuilders threaten to quit memberships after CityFitness slap 'posing ban'



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A young bodybuilder says she would leave any gym that disallows mirror posing in response to CityFitness' new ban. 

Phoebe McCreath says posing in front of a mirror after a workout is a crucial routine for bodybuilders in the lead up to competitions.

"I'm currently preparing for a show and I practise my posing in front of the full length mirror at the gym every morning.

"If I practise (posing) after a workout, my muscles are full and pumped up and I can get a realistic look of what I will look like on stage," Ms McCreath told ONE News.

Phoebe McCreath says posing after a workout is crucial for bodybuilders.

Source: Phoebe McCreath

The national gym chain has flexed a nerve with bodybuilders since banning mirror posing at their facilities late last week.

The ban came after one member practised their bodybuilding routine in underwear.

CityFitness Operations Manager Lisa Brown told ONE News the incident caused an "uncomfortable environment" for other gymgoers, necessitating a posing prohibition.

Brown says their facilities are "not an appropriate place for members to practise the routines of any individual sport".

"If the intent in coming into our facilities is to purely use them to practise a bodybuilding routine, we ask that you find alternative locations," she says.

Bodybuilder and CityFitness member Sarah Ward told Fairfax at least 20 outraged bodybuilders intend to cancel their CityFitness memberships.

Ms Ward says not being allowed to pose at the gym would put a stop to her being able to practise her sport entirely.

CityFitness member Sarah Ward is outraged with her gym's new mirror posing ban.

Source: Facebook/ Sarah Ward

A GymNation online forum member says there is "no actual sense behind the ban".

"All they needed to do is talk to the offender and ban him if warranted. I myself [sic] wouldn't give a crap if I saw someone in a group fitness room just in their undies," the member posted today.

The gym chain has previously considered a national ban on selfies and grunting.

- By ONE News Now reporter Madison Reidy

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