Outrage over Northland fisherman's brutal killing of shark

A Northland fisherman has come under-fire for posting a graphic video of himself bashing a shark to death with a plank of wood.

Reposted on The ITM Fishing Show's Facebook page, the video has sparked outrage and garnered more than 400 comments condemning the act.

In the video, he laughs-off the idea of tranquilising his catch, addressing TV fishing personality Matt Watson, saying, "this is how we do it here" before slamming the shark with wood.

Living in Whangarei, the man identifies himself on his Facebook page as the "Original Fishkiller".

Hundreds of people have ridiculed the brutal killing, calling the man a "f****** dickhead" and a "gutless scumbag".

"What a dick! Disgusting. I'd love to whack his head with a piece of wood," Karl McCombe said.

"I wish I could hit you over the head the same way, gutless scumbag," Jay Stewart said.

"That's just animal abuse. What is the point of this?" Rachel Young said.

Many also criticised The ITM Fishing Show for reposting the video but they have defended their decision.

"If there is a need for a fish, and the fish is of legal size and the stocks are healthy, so long as the whole fish is eaten, then no issue, whether it's a shark or a snapper killing fish for food is OK. The point here is, it looks like this shark is getting killed to antagonise us. Hopefully the whole fish was brought in and not just the fins."

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