Outgoing MP trading his suit for a pair of gumboots on Quarantine Island

Unlike some MPs who’ve been forced to leave Parliament shrouded in scandal, the Green Party’s Gareth Hughes is leaving politics on his own terms.

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Hughes is not leaving shrouded in scandal and he's moving about as far away from politics as you could possibly get. Source: 1 NEWS

And he’s got plans to move as far away from politics as you could possibly get - in the middle of his own island of isolation.

Located in the Otago harbour, Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua’s permanent population now consists of him, his wife Meghan and their two children.

It’s a bit of a lifestyle change for the young family from their previous abode in Wellington, with even the daily school drop off now done by boat.

Longest-serving Greens MP Gareth Hughes plans to 'reconnect with activist roots' after retirement

“It kind of sounds like the punchline for a joke or somewhat ironic, but yeah, moving to quarantine island in the middle of a pandemic probably is a smart decision,” the outgoing politician said.

The MP is standing down at September’s election after more than a decade in Parliament, with a new plan to take a year off to help his wife, who's taken up a new job as the island’s keeper.

“I’m going as far away from politics as I can, trading a suit for a pair of gumboots.”

Green MP Gareth Hughes to retire from parliament at next election

The island was used for quarantining those from overseas with infectious diseases between 1863 and 1924.