Outcome of potential Labour-Green deal expected Sunday

The Green Party has emerged from yet another day of negotiations with Labour and are aiming to have an agreement to take to members by the end of tomorrow.

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"We are in the final rats and mice stage," James Shaw said. Source: 1 NEWS

Greens co-leaders Marama Davidson and James Shaw came out of today's talks over an hour later than expected and said they hoped to have an announcement to make on the make-up of the next government on Sunday. 

"We are in the final rats and mice stage," Shaw said. "The talks are going very well, it is very constructive and we are just getting into final details."

Davidson said they were still on track for reaching an agreement with Labour tomorrow - "Maybe around the end of the day". 

It will then go to about 150 Green Party delegates - needing 75 per cent of those members to agree before the Greens could join the Government. 

"Then hopefully an announcement on Sunday," Davidson said. 

"The delegates are very much looking forward to having this call."

Labour received 64 seats in the preliminary results of election 2020, enough to govern alone, and the Green Party got 10. There is still the results of the special vote to be released, making up an estimated 17 per cent of the overall vote.