Our love affair with meth: The hidden cost is revealed by the dealers themselves


Has one letter of the alphabet ever caused so much havoc?

“P” is for pure methamphetamine. It’s also known as “meth”, “ice” or “burn”.

Kirk Hardy says anyone from the unemployed to senior execs can be destroyed by the drug.
Source: Sunday

Call it what you will – the drug has exploded into the headlines in recent months.

In June, Police seized half a billion dollars worth of P, in our biggest-ever drug bust.

Recent episodes of violent crime and police shootings have been linked to the drug.

We’ve heard heartbreaking stories about addiction to P, and we’ve seen the cost: rotten teeth, polluted homes and broken families.

But we haven’t heard from those who have distributed and profited from meth. Until now.

On SUNDAY tonight, two meth dealers are going public. They’ll explain how – and why – they’ve distributed this destructive drug.

Sunday speaks to two former meth dealers about the misery the drug causes.
Source: Sunday

One of them says: "I was destroying people and I didn't care."

They had a great lifestyle: fast cars, flexible working hours, and free use of the product.

They were at the cutting edge of a booming industry, selling a product which was in hot demand.

But while the rewards of selling P are high, the risks are even greater.

Watch Jehan Casinader’s full story on SUNDAY, 7pm tonight on ONE.

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