Otago rugby to debut headgear with built-in cameras

Otago are tapping into the academic minds Dunedin has to offer hoping to gain an edge by wearing specially designed headgear with a built-in camera.

Otago are the first provincial side to implement the cameras as part of their training analysis with the Otago Polytech designers hoping to eventually have them approved for live games.

The concept came from Otago Polytech who have worked with Dunedin company Tussock Innovations to develop the helmet camera.

"Players will wear it during training during decision-making drills or skills and they can come over to the TV on the sideline and go through why they made that decision," said analyst Hayden Croft.

The Otago side is the first to run with the technology and developers now have a strong unit touring the northern hemisphere.

"In Europe there is a massive scene of analysis and video and there's a lot of feedback used so I think there's great potential there for team to use the technology," Croft said.

Otago use the technology to assist in choosing running lines and defensive structures at training and there is hope that players will one day wear a helmet camera during games.

"We'd have to go through World Rugby to get approval but the device itself is small enough and safe enough, we believe it could be used in a live game," said Croft.