'Organics in NZ is booming – and it's a massive opportunity'

The movement towards organic consumption in New Zealand is a massive opportunity, Mike Hosking says.

The Seven Sharp host eats a lot of organic at home, as well as gluten free and no sugar.

He says, while he wasn't the instigator of the movement, he's glad it's taking off.

"To be honest, I've been dragged by those more evolved than I into this world of clean and healthy eating.

"Organics in this country is booming."

Numbers out today show the rise in supermarket sales in the last couple of years is 125 per cent and the value of the industry is now up 30 per cent.

Exports are up 11 per cent, the amount of land we use to grow organics is up 130 per cent.

"Any business doing anything anywhere would be in awe of that sort of growth," Hosking said on Seven Sharp tonight.

"So in a world of obesity, diabetes and endless campaigns on health, the good news message is getting through.

"And quite apart from anything, what a massive opportunity for this country to once again use its clean, green image to leverage the living daylights out of what is clearly the future of food."

Mike Hosking eats organic, and says NZ can use its clean green image to leverage out what is clearly the future of food. Source: Seven Sharp