Orchard calls on Kiwis to take homegrown working holiday picking apples in Hawke's Bay

A Hawke's Bay orchard is calling for locals to come for a working holiday picking apples ahead of harvest.

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The classic OE is currently off the cards for most Kiwis, but if you’re willing to look a little closer to home, a working holiday could still be possible. Source: Seven Sharp

Bostock owner John Bostock told Seven Sharp this season is "one of the biggest crises the industry has faced".

"It's really hard to get workers and looking forward to harvest, we think we're going to have real problems."

Bostock's Graeme Hodges said they're "all starting to panic a wee bit, we're all starting to get a bit nervous" ahead of the harvest.

Growers are calling for the Government to allow for regional seasonal employment workers back into New Zealand in time for harvest.

While Bostock typically has the pick of the bunch, they will be short of 300 workers this season. The local industry itself is facing a deficit of 10,000 workers.

The orchard is now inviting New Zealanders from across the country to come to Hawke's Bay for a working holiday.

"Bring your campervan, bring your caravan, come and pick some apples," he said.

"Everybody in any age bracket - whether it be from 18 to 70 - has got something to give back," Hodges added. "If you can breathe and you've got a good attitude, come down and see us."