Orange road cone dressed in three-piece suit intrigues Christchurch cone collecting crew


A Christchurch crew has collected almost 4000 road cones left lying around since the earthquake nearly six years ago.

SCIRT head Ian Campbell says the team has heard of stray cones in strange situations while out picking them up over the past several weeks.
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More than 800 tip-offs has led to the collection of various road cones, which belong to 125 different companies.

Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team created a Conemobile to do the job, the sedan complete with a mohawk made out of cones. 

Often seen as a symbol of the rebuild and earthquake by Christchurch locals, the road cones were found around lamp posts, in rivers, gardens and on top of roofs, among other locations.

About 500 cones came from the suburb of Riccarton, known as a student accommodation spot.

Around half of the cones will be recycled or disposed of due to damage.

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SCIRT executive general manager Ian Campbell said the organisation has used about 100,000 road cones over the last five-and-a-half years.

"A lot of the cones look like they have been sleeping rough on the streets.

"Around half can be reused, and the rest will need to be recycled or disposed of," he said.

Companies are now being invited to collect their long-lost road cones.

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Cones belonging to Fulton Hogan have already been sent to Kaikoura for use in the town's rebuild following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Companies are invited to now collect their "long lost soldiers" from SCIRT's yard.

At the peak of the Christchurch rebuild, after the 2011 earthquake, 50,000 road cones were on the streets. Now 10,000 road cones are in use.

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