Oranga Tamariki on site at Gloriavale, making inquiry into West Coast sect

Oranga Tamariki staff have been making inquiries at Gloriavale, the controversial West Coast religious sect.

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The agency would not comment further to 1 NEWS on its activities at the remote West Coast sect. Source: 1 NEWS

It was confirmed to 1 NEWS today that staff of the government department have been on site at the Gloriavale commune recently.

There's been a long history of allegations of sexual and physical abuse within the Gloriavale community.

'He deserved to rot in jail' - woman who claims she suffered sexual abuse at hands of former Gloriavale leader gives emotional interview

A former senior member was convicted of child sex abuse last year and its founder spent time in prison in the mid 1990s.

Source: 1 NEWS

A Gloriavale spokesperson told 1 NEWS that it was not interested in commenting on the situation.

Police have also not confirmed any investigations.