Options for Kiwi declared an ISIS terrorist are now limited, analyst says


A security analyst says the options available to Kiwi Mark John Taylor after being designated a terrorist by the US are extremely limited.

The US have accused a Hamilton man of inciting terrorist attacks in New Zealand and Australia.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Taylor, originally from Hamilton and now living in Syria, is accused by the US of inciting terrorism online and has appeared in ISIS propaganda videos.

He was yesterday classed as a "Specially Designated Global Terrorist" by the US government and security analyst Paul Buchanan says that's bad news.

"If you read between the lines he is on a target list ... and quite frankly it's a hit list ... there could be a drone in his future, there could be a bullet in his future, there could be an artillery shell in hs future," Mr Buchanan said.

It's also possible, Mr Buchanan said, that the US is trying to scare Mr Taylor into going straight.

"It is very possible that this is a psychological ploy to break Mr Taylor, since he seems to be the softest of the individuals, in order to make him reconsider what he's doing there and offer him the possibility of exit."

Mr Taylor has psent the last three years fighting for ISIS and he is now thought to be in its Syrian capital Raqqa.

New Zealand authorities have been watching him since 2009 and Prime Minister Bill English says Mr Taylor has put himself in a difficult situation.

"We believe we've got sufficient powers to deal with any issues that arise at the border or if he's here," Mr English said.

"But he's in Syria and that's a big risk I would have thought for him."

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