Oprah to get video of Auckland kids' dreams from her all-time favourite guest who dared to dream




Oprah Winfrey is set to receive a video clip about some Auckland intermediate school children's dreams for their futures.

Tererai Trent grew up poor in Zimbabwe and was married off at 11 to a violent husband – but she was a dreamer, and a believer.
Source: Seven Sharp

Their dreams have been inspired by the woman the star declared in 2011 was her all time favourite guest on her long-running TV talk show.

That woman was  Zimbabwean-American Tererai Trent, whose unlikely educational success has brought her international fame too.

In 2011, Oprah Winfrey donated $US1.5 million so Ms Trent could build her own school in her old village in Zimbabwe.

Ms Trent has been in Auckland speaking at a world women event and told Seven Sharp of the four dreams she had after a tough early life in Zimbabwe.

She was too poor to go to school, was married off at 11 to a violent husband and had three children before she turned 18.

But a visiting aid worker opened her eyes to the power of learning and she "learned to read and write from my brother's books".

Her dreams were to go to America, have an undergraduate qualification, a masters degree and get a Ph.D.

She wrote her dreams down and buried them. It took 20 years to realise them but she did it and then it was time to give back.

A teacher at Northcross Intermediate in Auckland invited children to write a dream, take it home and bury it.

Seven Sharp showed Ms Trent vision of the children holding up signs with their various dreams "to give kids a happy home"; "to help free the citizens of North Korea"; "to be in the paralympics"; "to find a cure for cancer"; and "to become a strong policewoman".

Seeing the children with their dreams, Ms Trent said: "It makes me believe in our children. It makes me believe in this world." 

The programme reported Ms Trent is going to send the video to Oprah Winfrey.

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