Opposition keeps up attack on Key over Dirty Politics

The Opposition's continuing to keep the pressure on Prime Minister John Key over his links to blogger Cameron Slater, with another barrage of questions in Parliament today.

John Key Source: 1 NEWS

Last week Mr Key refused to answer questions about how many phone calls he had had with Mr Slater, insisting he'd had none in his capacity as "Prime Minister".

However after being ticked off by the Speaker over an answer to one specific question about his links to Mr Slater involving Pike River, Mr Key was more forthcoming today.

The Green Party Co leader Russell Norman, asked Mr Key in Parliament about why he spoke to Mr Slater about the mother of a dead man Mr Slater had labelled as a "feral".

Mr Key replied that he had talked to Mr Slater in his capacity as leader of "the National Party". And he says from memory the woman in question was raised and he said to Mr Slater that he recognised her from Pike River.