Opinion: Those calling Jacinda Ardern a 'show pony' should trot on, 1 NEWS political editor says

Can we stop using the phrase "show pony" to describe the Prime Minister?

Source: 1 NEWS

It just grates.

Last week, The Australian went with the headline, 'Jacinda Ardern: show pony or stayer?'.

It was after a quote from Australian National Univer­sity professor John Wanna in an article that said Ms Ardern was "regarded as a bit of a show pony who is not delivering".

By definition, a show pony is a 'person who tries to be the centre of attention' or a 'show off'.

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Her comments came as she met will Scott Morrison in Sydney. Source: 1 NEWS

For me, it feels like a description you couldn't use for a man and conjures images of a person flouncing around whipping a long pony tail.   

I question and criticise the Prime Minister on a daily basis and found the content of the Australian article interesting, but it felt like an unnecessary headline.

The phrase 'show pony' has been used in the past by New Zealand media to describe Jacinda Ardern, but can we not ditch this old-fashioned phrase?

I think we've now moved on from that.