Opinion: Scott Morrison played a short sighted, inwardly focused, selfish move

We very rarely see Jacinda Ardern this angry. And rightly so.

Jacinda Ardern, Scott Morrison. File. Source: 1 NEWS

Her Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, has played a short sighted, inwardly focused, selfish move leaving New Zealand to clean up after him.

Yesterday, it was revealed a woman accused of being an ISIS sympathiser, along with her two children, were detained at the Turkish border. She had dual citizenship — Australia and New Zealand — but has not lived in New Zealand since moving to Australia at the age of six. 

Jacinda Ardern delivers extraordinary broadside at Australia over woman detained in Turkey – 'Abdicated its responsibilities'

Morrison raised his hands saying "not my problem" — hiding behind the Australian law that automatically revokes citizenship when there’s a dual citizenship situation and the person engages in terrorist activities.

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Jacinda Ardern strongly criticised Australia’s decision, after the individual moved from New Zealand when they were six. Source: 1 NEWS

He kicked the problem over the ditch.  

Scott Morrison would only answer one question on this issue in his media conference and said he was acting in Australia’s best interest.

'An enemy of our country' - Scott Morrison makes no apology after stripping citizenship of woman detained in Turkey

That’s not the point.

He operates in global world and should have taken some responsibility for the Australian-raised woman and more importantly her two children.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out globally for Jacinda Ardern — taking a stand on what is right and calling out our best mate.

Jessica Mutch McKay. Source: 1 NEWS