Opinion: In NZ's response to Christchurch terror attacks the world is seeing true beauty rising from the ashes

The world is genuinely in awe at how New Zealand, the Prime Minister and the people of Christchurch have rallied together and around the Muslim community right now.

The phrase "beauty rising from the ashes" couldn’t be more true when describing the level of compassion in New Zealand's response. 

Jacinda Ardern's been on the front page of major newspapers hugging victims, in a headscarf with pain in her own face and her comments "We are one. They are us" have resonated across the world.

The photos of gang members doing a haka, the piles of flowers, the hugs - these pictures are leading broadcasts all over the world.

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    The gang performed the haka at the cordon erected outside the mosque on Deans Avenue this afternoon. Source: 1 NEWS

    A few days ago I (being a Kiwi journalist in London) was getting a mixture of comments both positive and negative about New Zealand’s involvement in such a tragedy, (the negative born out of naivety) but now the conversation has changed with the overwhelming sentiment being "isn’t your Prime Minister doing an incredible job?", "aren’t the people of New Zealand showing true love?", "Wow the compassion has been amazing hasn’t it?"

    Prince Harry complimented Jacinda Ardern's leadership while talking with staff at New Zealand House and the Ambassador for Pakistan in the UK told me how "it is really laudable the way she has actually consoled and embraced the people over there who have suffered."

    The former UK ambassador to New Zealand said he's been so impressed at the compassion, the dignity ... the respect and the
    kindness of the response ... "I think that response has touched a very good many people in other parts of the world."

    And it really has. It doesn’t surprise me, as a Kiwi, that our nation is responding like this. We know we are a peace-loving country, but
    clearly the world is amazed at the Kiwi authenticity and unity in its grief.

    From the royals, diplomats, to people on the street, the sentiment is the same, the killings are beyond tragic but the Kiwi response is unique. The world is seeing true beauty rising from the ashes.

    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry lay flowers for Christchurch terror attack victims. Source: 1 NEWS