'Only trying to survive out here' – window washers risking $150 fines to make money on the roads

Police say a new law clamping down on window washers at intersections has caused a decrease in the activity.

However, businesses in South Auckland aren't so convinced, calling on police to do more.

Regular window washers at one of Auckland's most notorious intersections say a fine won't deter them. Source: Seven Sharp

A 14-year-old window washer said they can make $200 a day, depending on how long they work for.

An older window washer said he is just trying to feed his kids and family.

"We are only trying to survive out here".

Since August last year, new legislation allows police to hand out $150 fines. However, it has not put everyone off the work.

Manurewa police inspector Adam Pyne said police have seen a decrease.

"But there's always going to be people who want to work those intersections."

Police were nowhere to be seen so the window washers in Manukau stepped up when the power went out. Source: Supplied

The first month of the law saw nearly 80 fines dished out, over 70 per cent in the Counties Manukau area.

However, local businesses said police do not have an active presence.

Anton Welsh said the window washers "never stop".

"We would have thought because the law had been changed by government, giving police the power to give instant fines, that we would actually see police hitting the hot spots."

In nearly 20 minutes, 1 NEWS saw more than ten males working at an intersection in Manukau. Although three police cars passed through, no one intervened.

Motorists say they are intimidated and harassed, and ONE News has filmed a tense confrontation at the Greenlane intersection. Source: 1 NEWS

Inspector Pyne said the police do encourage their staff to stop.

"If you see something, actually do something about it. That's not always possible with the demands we have." 

One washer said he did it to "feed his kids" and "our family". Source: 1 NEWS

Wellingtonians throwing off the duvet as hot nights continue in the capital

Aucklanders aren't the only ones sweltering through the hot nights, Wellington is also suffering the same fate when it's time to hit the sack. 

Tonight will be a treat for Wellingtonians, with the temperature at 17 degrees, the lowest it will be all week, as it climbs to 19 degrees from Saturday to next Tuesday. 

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"Wellingtonians can expect warm temperatures to continue with the forecast maximum temperature over the next ten days to be over 20C," said MetSerivce meteorologist Lisa Murray.

"Which is ten days above the mean maximum temperature for Wellington.

"Although temperatures will not be as hot as Sunday and Monday (which got to 27.6 degrees and 27.8 degrees respectively at Wellington Airport)," added Ms Murray.

"It will still feel warm and muggy around the Wellington region with temperatures ranging from 22 degrees to 25 degrees forecast for the city, even on days where wind and rain are expected".

According to Ms Murray, temperatures are averaging considerably warmer than last year, which was a degree below average for the whole month. They are currently tracking over one degree warmer than the long term average.

The highest temperature in Wellington in January last year was 24 degrees, while this year it reached 27.8 degrees. 

However, Wellington isn't the only region feeling the heat. MetService tweeted the high temperatures and expected humidity for this evening. 

MetService said in the tweet the sub tropical northeast flow will continue today, causing the humidity. 

Wellington Harbour Source: Getty


Auckland woman's puppy 'ripped' from her arms in driveway assault

A woman is desperately searching for her puppy after it was ripped from her arms outside her home on Auckland's North Shore yesterday.

In an attack she calls "surreal torture", Gracie Read wrote in a Facebook post that she was assaulted by two men outside her Castor Bay home yesterday morning before they stole her puppy.

"One of them threw me to the ground, out of the corner of my eyes I saw the other one look at Rosko, I scrambled to grab him but they got on top of me and ripped him out of my arms.

"We chased them but it was too late," she wrote.

Ms Read wrote that she was driving around yesterday trying to find the Rosko, a rottweiler puppy, but are yet to have any luck. 

Detective Senior Sergeant Marcia Murray from North Shore Police told 1 NEWS they attended the incident where Ms Read was allegedly assaulted shortly before midday yesterday, and a puppy was taken by two males.

"Police are investigating the matter and we are following lines of enquiry," said Sergeant Murray.

Gracie Read and her rottweiler puppy.
Gracie Read and her rottweiler puppy. Source: Facebook: Gracie Read