Online tool helping children manage their emotions rolled out in Christchurch

An initiative aimed at helping Kiwi kids understand and control their emotions has been rolled out in Christchurch today.

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Teachers can access the resource to help address issues like anxiety and fear. Source: 1 NEWS

Feel Brave is an online tool teachers can access to help address topics like anxiety, fear, empathy and resilience.

The initiative was founded by author, Avril McDonald, who says it's all about using simple strategies children in years 1-3 will understand.

"It’s like Peppa Pig meets Tony Robbins," she said.

This includes using catchy music videos, creating characters and reading books.

It’s already been rolled out in more than 250 schools worldwide, including more than 100 in New Zealand.

The Life Education Trust is helping Ms McDonald distribute the initiative and helped fast track it in Christchurch schools following the March 15 terrorist attack.

"In terms of emotional wellbeing and children feeling comfortable and safe and being able to express their feelings, it’s critical at the moment the work we are doing," John O’Connell, Life Education’s CEO said.

It’s being funded by CISCO and Cigna.