Online or the mall - where do you get the best bang for your buck?

With an overwhelming choice of where to shop - online, the mall or your local block of shops, the question faced by many consumers is - where do you get the best bang for your buck?

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Today’s opening of Westfield in Auckland’s Newmarket got us thinking. Source: Seven Sharp

On a hunt for a particular pair of sneakers, at the cheapest price, Seven Sharp’s Lucas De Jong spent the day browsing the new Westfield Newmarket in Auckland.

The mall is home to more than 200 shops where hundreds of eager shoppers waited outside before it opened today.

There isn’t a significant price difference between your regular block of shops and malls according to retail expert Chris Wilkinson.

“Typically, the mall stores are pretty much full of the chain retailers we see in every town and city in New Zealand and those prices are not going to change between the price in the high street or the malls."

Your local block of shops, or as they're known as in England - "high streets" are on the increase here and around the world.

“Trends we are seeing in the high street is a lot more artisan stores opening, more food and beverage” said Mr Wilkinson.

After spending the day hunting for the cheapest sneakers online, at the mall and on the high street, Lucas De Jong found sneakers were the cheapest at the mall.