One pie to rule them all! Meet the baker behind New Zealand's champion pie

The secret behind New Zealand's top pie? Good filling and great pastry.

That combo helped the owner of a Taupo bakery take home the title of New Zealand's top pie with his venison, bacon, mushroom and cheese delicacy. 

"It is a big seller," said creator Lee Ing of Taupo's Fast & Fresh Bakery. 

Mr Ing treated TVNZ1's Breakfast team to the pie, which took out the nationwide competition at the Bakels' Pie Awards last night. 

It comes at a modest price of $4.90, which Mr Ing says will not change, despite its new status. 

He said the most important part of a pie is the filling, "but for the [awards] entry, the pastry". 

"If the pastry isn't right, you haven't got a chance to get into the final."

The pie took out a Gold Award in the Gourmet Meat section, before going on to win the overall award. 

Last year, Mr Ing received a 'Highly Commended' for the same section, and a Bronze Award for steak and cheese. 

Mushroom, cheese and bacon are also in Lee Ing's award-winning Taupo pie. Source: Breakfast

Watch: Jacinda Ardern talks age, extra scrutiny and bringing her 'own touch' to Labour's campaign

Despite feeling "some nerves" after a surprising promotion to the role of leader of the opposition, newly elected Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern is adamant she is "aboslutely ready" to take the troubled party into September's election, just seven weeks out. 

"It's been a whirlwind," Ms Ardern told TVNZ1 Breakfast host Hilary Barry. 

The Mt Albert MP was thrust into the role after a shock move from former leader Andrew Little to stand down yesterday.

When asked if she was ready for the pressure of being leader, she answered: "I came into parliament at 28."

A leadership expert says the new Labour leader should be celebrated for her achievements. Source: Breakfast

"I've had more experience, political experience, than John Key did when he took on some pretty mighty challenges."

She was asked asked if she was prepared for the "extra scruitny" that comes with being a woman in leadership.

"I'm specifically calling out instances where you are asked how you might juggle a family with having a job. Does that annoy the hell out of you?" she was asked. 

Ms Ardern said she made a personal decision to talk about the issue because she "saw women in all walks of life having to struggle with those same things."

"I thought maybe there's some benefit to deciding I was going to be open about it."

Our political editor says Ms Ardern's opening press conference was a positive sign for the Labour Party. Source: Breakfast

However she said she was "not going to sit back and leave some things unchallenged". 

In the short time leading up to the election, Ms Ardern plans to bring her "own touch" to Labour's campaign.

"We will be doing things a little bit differently."

Ms Ardern would not disclose any proposed policy changes until later this week but she said she could guarantee she would continue to be herself.

Mike thinks Andrew Little should not have quit and Jacinda will struggle as the new leader after making little ground as deputy. Source: Seven Sharp

"In New Zealand, I don't think it's possible to maintain any different facade. You can't live in a bubble when you're a politician." 

The new Labour leader says she will be herself, and work hard for all New Zealanders. Source: Breakfast


'Are you serious?' Breakfast's Matty McLean gets fat shamed by stranger, upset colleagues leap to his defence

The weather presenter was waiting for his plane when he was approached by a man who told him he had put on weight, much to the outrage of Matty's supportive colleagues.

he weather presenter was waiting for his plane when he was approached by a man who told him he had put on weight. Source: Breakfast