ONE News readers rubbish cat curfew plan

A proposed curfew for cats in Wellington has got an icy reception from ONE News readers.


Geoff Simmons, from the Morgan Foundation, pitched the idea in a submission on the council's biodiversity management strategy.

Mr Simmons wants to see cats caught outside during the set hours returned to the owner under a three strike system, and if caught after that, owners could face a fine to have their pet returned.

The proposal was rubbished as unrealistic by readers commenting on the ONE News Facebook page.

Zaira Stotts says it will be a difficult rule to police.

"Are they giving free watches to said cats too?"

Anna-lee Santana says she would ignore the rule.

"Good luck trying to keep cats inside, and me as a cat owner, if this came to my town I would still let my cat out regardless of what any clown says."

Melody Ellice and Antoinette Subritzky said the rule was ridiculous.

"Ridiculous and very funny at the same time. Will my cat get a warning as a first time offender," Ms Ellice said.

"Honestly, what the heck is wrong with people. Cats are what they are, let them be. It's nature after all. Pathetic," Ms Subritzky said.

Heidi Newton said: "Gareth Morgan should have a 24 hour curfew."

Mr Morgan has been calling for cats to be confined indoors as part of his controversial "Cats to Go" campaign, while lobbying councils to make it compulsory to register and microchip moggies.

A cat curfew has also been pitched to the Auckland City Council.